Early bird offers vs. Last minute deals
When it comes to cheap and discounted Petrovac Apartments accommodation and short term holiday rentals, should you wait for last minute accommodation specials or take advantage of early bird special offers? Which provides the best holiday accommodation savings and discounts?

We believe the best savings depends on several criteria:

1. Length of booking;

The longer your stay, especially if it is over 10 nights, the higher the success rate in securing discounts and savings on your Petrovac partments accommodation needs. We recommend that guests call in to speak with our friendly team to discuss a suitable accommodation deal for your stay.

2. Peace of mind;

For guests who prefer to know that their accommodation needs are secured, then the better deal is to secure early bird accommodation special offers. This way, the booking is confirmed, you can relax knowing that you have booked the actual self contained apartment as displayed on Petrovac Apartments website and turn up for check-in on the day of arrival.

3. Risk taker;

There is significant savings if you wait until the last minute for Petrovac Apartments accommodation. However, over the peak season, guests may find that most accommodation are sold out in advance and as such, take the risk of not finding any suitable accommodation during your last minute stays. If you choose to wait until last minute before booking your accommodation, we recommend that you avoid peak periods such as period from August 1st to August 15th.