Petrovac beaches

Petrovačka plaža

One of the most visited beaches of the Riviera of Budva is 600 m long, the beach of reddish sand. Petrovac beach belongs to a protected nature reserve.


Wonderful beach and the locality that is still almost untouched despite the great number of visitors. It is situated 500m south of Petrovac. It has the shape of a small bay. It is 220m long. Both the beach and the seabed are, while in the background there are pine and cypress groves.

Drobni pijesak

Drobni pijesak beach is located in the coves, between Sveti Stefan and Reževići. The length of the beach is 240 meters, with the yellowish white color of the sand, and there is the water spring on the beach.


The cove of Buljarica extends from the Resovo brdo cape to Dubovica, representing the longest beach of the Budva Riviera. It is situated 1 km south of Petrovac, towards Bar. It is pebble and about 2250 meters long. Several campsites and rest homes are situated in its background.